When someone mentions they had a “twosome”, your mind probably goes to all the wrong places. You might look at them with disdain, disgust or maybe even complete awe. No judgement here! A “twosome”, as in my case,  can consist of meeting 2 celebrities at the same time. The Naked Winery http://www.nakedwinery.com in Hood River, Oregon was generous enough to allow me to visit, as they celebrated their newest collection, The Naked Cowboy Wine. 


Meeting two celebrities at the same time is quite a deal! How often can someone say they spotted a celebrity, much less two? Enter The Naked Cowboy, http://www.nakedcowboy.com iconic NYC Celebrity, and The Unipiper, http://www.unipiper.com iconic Portland Celebrity. Where East meets West, a singing cowboy wearing only Fruit of the Looms,  Cowboy Hat and of course Cowboy Boots. Next to him, donning a Darth Vador Mask, Cape, playing Bagpipes that shoot fire, all while riding a Unicycle! 


A chuck-wagon set up for meals, wine and beer choices, water, chips and other snacks were readily available for all to indulge. Live music, a giant Jenga, Cornhole Toss, horseback riding, bubbles and a sprinkler for adults and kids alike,  rounded out the activities for all to share.


With the beautiful Columbia River Gorge as a backdrop, the sun shining bright in the sky and fabulous friendly conisours, the Naked Winery was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. Meeting the fabulous staff was a bonus to set my day off right. Tracy, pouring the delicious Orgasmic Wine, Peter, David and Becky, made sure I was well taken care of. Smiling security personnel, asking me to finish my wine before crossing the street. Not wanting to waste a drop,  I happily complied by chugging the very last drops. Even though, a total pleasure to interact with. My day was complete.

With names such as Orgasmic, Escorted, Vixen and Climax, you might think you’re in the wrong place. Although you may be surprised by the names, the tastes will blow you away. Welcome to the Naked Winery, brainchild of David & Jody Barringer and David Michalec.

“We aim to tease” the moniker for the winery is an absolute crowd pleaser. The name derives from their goal of cutting the divorce rate in half, by having couples drink a glass of wine together each night. Most sales come through club memberships. Join one of 3 separate clubs, named appropriately, C, DD, and custom. Each club offers either Sweet thing or Cougar classifications.

After beginning the flagship store in Hood River, with great success, they opened tasting rooms in other locations such as Bend, McMinnville, Seaside and South Dakota.

Take a drive down the gorge and stop in for a taste or two. Have a drink of the new Naked Cowboy Wine, or any of their erotic Orgasmic Wines. Delicious and exotic, the wine names are a wonderful conversation topic for singles and couples alike.

For more information contact:

102 2nd Street Hood River, OR 97031