Your friend says, “let’s go to Yoga”. You say yes, expecting to show up at  a studio nearby. After a somewhat lengthy drive, you finally pull up to a ranch in Molalla. Yes, that’s what I said, a ranch. An Alpaca Ranch to be exact. 


By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Goat Yoga, “only in Oregon”. Welcome to the newest craze in the Yoga genre, Alpaca Yoga. My curiousity peaked, I ventured out after work, one hour from my home, to the Ranch.  Arriving an hour early, I drove up to the gothic gate that blocked the drive to the ranch, to my right the Alpaca slowly grazed on the lucious grass. A car pulled in behind me, two ladies were ready for the yoga experience too. None of us had ever been, in fact only 1 in the 10 women in our class was a repeat. “I usually have new people every week” Jennifer stated after the class, “Not many repeats”. Now to be completely honest, I think once or maybe twice, just to get the experience, is well worth the trip.

Having worked all day, not feeling totally up to par, I begged out of the yoga. I was able to get the full experience by sitting in and observing. As I watched the group set up their mats and towels, the Alpaca ran through them. Curious and hungry, the Alpaca seemed not to even notice the women laughing and taking pictures. Yoga is meant to be quiet, peaceful and a spiritual experience of sorts, right, not while you have Alpaca munching grass at your ear, or sniffing at your, shall we say feet. It truly is hard to stay in the mood when all you want to do is take pictures and enjoy the animals surrounding you. Even through it all, it truly was a very peaceful experience. I will definitely be going back, this time to indulge in the full experience, with my daughter’s and niece tagging along.

Home to over 70 Huacaya Alpaca, Marquam Hill Ranch, http://www.marquamhillranch.comis now offering Yoga with the Alpaca, every Monday night from 7-8pm between May and the last week in September. For $15 per person, you can enjoy a wonderful yoga session, located in the pasture amongst the Alpaca. Afterward, from 8-9pm you can actually intermingle with the animals. Feeding, walking and petting the Alpaca, as well as browsing the shop chalk full of handmade items, all carefully and beautifully made with Alpaca Fiber. 

The Ranch is also open for tours. Schools, 4-H Clubs and other tour groups are all welcome. 

For information and reservations contact:

Jennifer Cameron at 503-407-3699 or jennifer@mhralpacas