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Escape into the Vast Unknown

The haunting shrill of  bagpipes, mist hanging over the moors, kilted highlanders roaming through the purple heather.  Rock fences lining the single track roads winding through the hills and valleys filled with patches of green. Peat Bogs layering the ground smattered with sheep, each a different color splattered here and there along the white wool. Dreaming aside, there really is a place that allows you to hear, see and touch all of the above. Scotland and Ireland to be exact. 

Haven’t you at some point, envisioned what life would be like elsewhere? Stepping outside of your box and exploring something new, getting out of your comfort zone and meeting like minded people.

Group Travel

Utilizing the services of local drivers and guides, makes travel easier, nothing to worry about except what you want to take home as a souvenir or eat at your next meal.  Imagine yourself venturing into the unknown listening to the rough brogue of the Scots or the velvety tone of the Irish as they volcalize their views on their countries history and spew about their proud heritage. 

When I first began in the business, group travel was taboo to me. I wanted to steer clear of the beast known as group touring. The classic “if it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium” scarred the living daylights out of me! This is something I never wanted to even go on much less focus on as a priority. Wandering around with lanyards and cameras hanging off the necks of  “Blue Hairs” and Baldies wearing Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts, looking lost and bewildered. Push that thought from your minds! This is SO not what traveling with my groups is about. 

Are you an admin of a specific group page, or chief member of a particular clan perhaps? Do you run a book club or just have a group of friends and/or family that would love to travel together? Make sure to add your email address and let’s get you on the road!

Check out my TRIPS AND TOURS page for specific itineraries already in place! Not liking what you see? Want something specific for your particular group? Give me a shout and we will make it happen for you!